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Im Angesicht des Schwarmverhaltens (Facing the Flock), screen print on wood, 2,4 x 3,4 x 1,1 m, 2019

The paravent – its surface historically often used to tell stories through colorful images – is an object that shows and hides something at the same time. It divides the room and creates a new space. In this case, its abstracted form an hight would allow the visitors to hide behind it, creating an intimate space apart from the rest of the exhibition. As we follow the image of the nail clipper once around the object – we as viewers also become part of the flock.

The image of the nail clipper (only recognizable as such from close) also refers to intimate spaces and to acts of body maintainance which we would usually not share with the public sphere. So why is it that certain acts of ‚body-care‘ and foremost its ‚leftovers‘ are considered as abject?